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Training – Explosion protection

We offer you open training courses and seminars for professional entry and the exchange of knowledge and experience across industries. Together with you, we analyze the knowledge requirements for your ex-solution, your company, and your teams and develop the internal knowledge transfer. Within the framework of in-house seminars (basic and advanced), we conduct training for the entire implementation team (sales, development, design, production, purchasing, service).

In our workshops and training, you will receive comprehensive and compact practical knowledge. In addition to the relevant Ex-parameters, we also provide you with the current topics from the regulations. This includes the technical requirements from the standards with valuable background information on development and testing, project planning and installation as well as maintenance of electrical and non-electrical explosion-protected devices, assemblies, and systems.

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Basics of electrical explosion protection (gases, vapors, dust):

  • Ex-Safety parameter (gases, vapors, dust)
  • The explosion protection document (RL 1999/92/EG)
  • Legal bases of electrical Ex-devices (RL 2014/34/EU)
  • Conformity assessment, CE-labeling
  • Ignition protection types and labeling (EN 60079-0 ff)
  • Selection, installation, and testing of electrical Ex-devices (EN 60079-14, -17)

Fundamentals of non-electrical explosion protection (gases, vapors, dust):

  • Ex-Safety parameter (gases, vapors, dust), sources of ignition
  • Legal bases (RL 2014/34/EU)
  • Conformity assessment, CE-labeling
  • Technical requirements and ignition protection types (EN ISO 80079-36,-37)
  • Ignition hazard assessment on equipment
  • Labeling (EN ISO 80079-36,-37, EN 60079-0 ff)

Explosion protection of complex machines/equipment groups:

  • Explosion protection information (Ex-specifications)
  • Equipment categories and conformity assessment (equipment list)
  • Ignition protection types, ignition hazard assessment, evaluation scheme
  • Documentation of Ex-components in hazardous areas, special conditions
  • Operating instructions in terms of the ATEX-directive (RL 2014/34/EU), design, safety instructions

We cover your knowledge needs with individual coordinated topics or topic blocks. All training and seminars are held in German or English.


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