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Consulting – Explosion protection

Your objective with safety to conformity

We use our expertise effectively for you in internal team workshops, in consulting on risk assessment (ignition sources) and conformity assessment of the machine.    
Our team at ARBAconsult in Würzburg has more than four decades of experience in the development, manufacture, and sale of explosion-proof components and equipment.

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We will successfully design your Ex-solution with you:

  • Coordinate the explosion protection framework for project planning of your machine with your user at an early stage (offer phase)
  • Implement the complete machine according to the current state of safety technology and the conformity of the technologically complex machine
  • Coordinate the Ex-technical implementation of the safe Ex-machine - internally and with suitable suppliers (electrical and non-electrical devices)
  • Ensure the economic success of your project

We are your partner in the planning and implementation of your Ex-project:

Application & Specification

  • Ex-parameters (safety-related key figures)
  • Device categories
  • Surrounding conditions

Non-electrical devices and device groups

  • Ignition source evaluation
  • Technical building regulations & ignition protection types
  • State of technology (relevant norms: EN ISO 80079-36, -37)
  • Cooperation with test bodies

Electrical devices

  • Technical building regulations & ignition protection types
  • State of technology (relevant norms: EN IEC 60079-0 ff)
  • Selection, planning & installation (EN IEC 60079-14)
  • Cooperation with test bodies

Certification and labelling

  • Declaration of conformity & type examination (ATEX)
  • Certificate of conformity (IECEx)
  • Quality management system (EN IEC 80079-34)
  • Operation instruction
  • RL 2014/34/EU
  • IECEx-system


Your contact:


Johannes Buhn

Johannes Buhn   
Executive Director  
Technology, Product and Market Development  
Phone: +49 931 46558-16