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Product & Market

Your creative development partner with a feeling for the feasible

The development and successful marketing of technically high-quality products is a complex task: solutions are created in a network with users, manufacturers, test centers, designers, and developers, in purchasing, sales, and service. A great deal of up-to-date, subject-specific information must be compiled and evaluated. Questions about the potential (new products, applications, customers, markets), the technological feasibility as well as the strengths of the company (What are we really good at?), but also about what makes economic sense, must be put to the test again and again.

Expertly and with innovative methods we develop practical solutions together with you so that you can place your products on the market in the best possible way.

With our many years of expertise in the development, production, marketing, organization, financing and controlling of technical products, we combine technologically innovative ideas with a sense for what is feasible and support you in the analysis and conception of:

  • Market potentials, relevant target markets, and industries, potential customer groups
  • Product and project requirements of customers
  • Relevant product portfolios and solution requirements
  • Applicable technologies and techniques
  • Concepts for a successful market launch
  • Product marketing documents to communicate the USP
  • Organization of knowledge transfer to sales and service
  • Efficient use of innovative sales instruments and IT tools
  • Financing channels and methods
  • Selection of qualified personnel
  • Controlling of the key figures

Use our know-how for your sustainable market success.

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Johannes Buhn

Johannes Buhn      
Executive Director     
Technology, Product- and Market Development     
Phone: +49 931 46558-16